Shawn Phillips - Faces (1972)

Shawn Phillips is an American singer-songwriter.

Shawn Phillips' 1972 album Faces followed in the footsteps of the three which came before it - elaborately arranged fusions of rock, folk, classical and beyond. However a study of the liner notes reveals that three of the eight songs date back to 1969, perhaps from the same sessions that produced Contribution and Second Contribution. The songs include the breath-taking "Chorale" (a seven-minute composition consisting of just acoustic guitar, sitar and wordless vocals), and a new version of his classic "'L' Ballade" (originally from Contribution), with an orchestral arrangement from Paul Buckmaster. Elsewhere there are appearances from Steve Winwood (on organ) and pedal steel guitarist Pete Kleinow. Despite the songs coming from both 1969 and 1972 recording sessions, the album flows together brilliantly, earning its place as the fourth in the series of remarkable albums Phillips began with Contribution.
Featured as a bonus track is the song he recorded for the soundtrack of the 1973 film Lost Horizon (composed by Burt Bacharach and Hal David).

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